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Kafrul, Dhaka-1206

Mobile: 01814-183535

Mobile: 01911-729077

5R3M Marketing strategy and priority:


IDCOL commitment 50MW (SHS) by 2012

• IDCOL cost saving using our solar panel: 5R3M brings panels from international market and sells to IDCOL PO. 5R3M also designed DC systems to IDCOl POs.

Bright roof top in megacities:

Only 32% of the population has access to the national grid. Approximately 1000–1200MW of electricity is supplied to Dhaka Megacity, while the existing demand is nearly 2000MW. As a result frequent load shedding takes place and most of the service sectors in the city are interrupted.

Marketing to megacities and Solar Power Producer:

Currently approximately ~1000 MW power shortage in Dhaka city alone (Ref: Kabir et. al. Renewable Energy Journals and Govt. renewable energy policy) and solar can be a solution for city dwellers. Given the city's power crisis and geophysical situations, applications of either stand-alone or grid connected PV systems would be very effective and pragmatic for power supplement. Although currently Bangladesh don't have enough infrastructure for grid connected and net metering system, load estimation and design can be undersized to supplement existing grid facility. The conservative calculation of bright roof-tops from the Quickbird Scene 2006 of Dhaka city indicates that the city offers 10.554 square km of bright roof-tops within the Dhaka City Corporation (DCC) ward area (134.282 Square km) (Kabir, et. al 2009, article is in press, Renewable Energy). The application of stand-alone PV systems can generate nearly 1000MW of electrical power in roof top systems in city dwellers (small systems) and commercial application. 5R3M will start working with IDCOL and other leading organization to build grid connected infrastructures and net metering for city dwellers. 5R3M will play leading role in large installation for Govt and commercial projects such as telecommunication tower.

Larger system >5MW:

In the case of larger system like more than 5 KW, this will become cost parity if we receive same subsidy that individual power producers receives. Prime minister office already set-up 21.6 KW solar system. Bangladesh bank is also confirmed for solar system (21KW for 1 Cr. Taka). Govt. takes initiative to set-up solar systems in all govt. office. These will follow all real estate and bank in the future. 5R3M solar can install these systems with high profit margin. Currently Rahimafroze is providing system (Panels, battery, installation etc) with $6.5/w in Prime Minister Office. 5R3M can provide these solutions with cheaper cost and with high cost/profit margin. 5R3M can provide this solution by $5.5/w as of now and make ~$1/w margin. In Prime Minister Office alone, the saving would have been 20 lac taka for her office and 5R3M also could have high margin profit (20% of the sales price 1 Cr Taka). See detailed calculation in the project.

Individual solar power producers/solar firms or distributed mini-grid systems in rural areas/tourist locations and earning carbon credit:

In solar powered systems, Our calculation on 25KW, levelized cost become less then 2 US dollars/kwh. Furthermore, carbon credit can be sold to European nations ($15/ton)s to reduce the cost. Based on our calculation on 25KW system grid connected with battery back up becomes 0.140$/Kwh (~9.8 taka) If Bangladesh govt. provides subsidy to these solar farms, this can be profitable in the long run. This calculation was run assuming there will no electricity price hike in next 25 years which is not practical. We calculated worst case scenario. Typically electricity price will rise year over year. So with all these considerations, solar farms or power could be a part of government renewable energy policy to meet 5% by 2010 and 10% by 2020. Carbon credit market would be big plus for this venture. We are predicting carbon credit market itself will be big instrument in financial market. This venture could make us fore front to receive acknowledgement and become a large player in Bangladesh.


Cost parity to grid electricity:

Govt. provides subsidy in coal-fired/furnance type power plant to generated electricity. If Govt. provides similar subsidy to the people of Bangladesh who use Solar, the cost would be parity to grid electricity (Pls. look at the analysis in the detailed report). If we can convince our Govt. to provide same subsidy, this county will not face electricity shortage by 2015.

Grid Net Metering:

5R3M can bring technology for Grid connected systems and start net metering to sell solar to the grid. This will spur enthusiasm to the people and solar installations will increase exponentially.

Carbon credit

5R3M also consulting carbon credit market ($15/ton), this credit can be achieved building solar farm in rural areas using our solar modules.