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Mobile: 01911-729077

Solar Pump Division

  • Solar Pump
  • Pump Inverter

Solar Pump

Why Solar Pumps

  • 50 % of energy produced in the world is used in operating various kind of pump
  • Solar pump do not have any fuel cost, No diesel or electricity required
  • You get most output when there is no-rain, during the summer month.
  • Early payback period. The same solar panels can be used for home lighting, when the solar pump is not in use.
  • Solar Panels used in these systems are world class quality and rated performance, manufactured in leading edge technology, IEC 61215 by TUV, ISO 9001 certified factory.
Type of pumps Capacity Module quantity Module brand & watts Item code
Submersible pump 53000 liter/day at 30Meter depth. 1800Hp 5R3M -SR190 5R3M -TY190 MGP-001
Submersible pump 20,000 liter/day at 40 Meter depth. 400-1200Wp SQ Flex Pump (Works on grid/solar/wind/diesel) 5R3M -SR190 5R3M -TY190 MGP-002
Surface pump, Centrifugal Pump 1Hp pump,75000 liter/day 2Hp pump,140000 liter/day *10 meter depth. 900Wp Array, with 1Hp pump 1800Wp Array, with2Hp pump 5R3M -SR190 5R3M -TY190 MGP-003
Any size Contact 5R3M sales XXX 5R3M -SR 5R3M -SR MGP-XXX


  • Flood Irrigation
  • Drip Irrigation
  • Community water supply
  • Fish Farming
  • Poultry Farming
  • Cattle Watering